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Green Tie Ball

Eric will be co-hosting the Green Tie Ball XXVI on September 15th!

September 15, 2017 07:00pm – 01:00am    Add this event to your calendar

Hang out with NBC’s Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney and DJ White Shadow at this year’s Green Tie Ball, presented by PNC Bank and hosted by THE MIX’s Eric Ferguson. This Devil in Green City night of fundraising includes culinary delights from Chicago’s hottest restaurants, premium drinks, live music and charitable gaming by Rivers Casino on Friday, September 15th at Artifact Events. For tickets and more information, visit

Where: Artifact Events, 4325 N. Ravenswood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60613

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Facebook Live with Mark Suppelsa

We’re LIVE with the Mark Suppelsa fresh off his retirement announcement!

Whip’s Eclipse Tips

Get ready for the Solar Eclipse with “Whip’s Eclipse Tips”!

Throughout today’s show, Whip is dishing out the ultimate knowledge on how to take in this intergalactic interactivity.

(Update: Whip’s Tips below)

Do not look directly into the sun UNLESS you are wearing a pair of GOOD eclipse glasses…preferably the ones which have NOT been recalled because they’re ineffective! IF you want to SEE the effects of the eclipse without looking up, you can do so by punching a pin-sized HOLE through an index card, piece of foil, or piece of paper…and looking at the IMAGE the passing sunlight will create on a SECOND surface…like a second piece of paper. That way…you can see the eclipse without the risk of damaging your eyesight.

If you THINK that it’s a JOKE that you’re not supposed to look at the eclipse, just ask 70-year-old Lou Tomaski of Oregon City, Oregon. He looked at a partial solar eclipse back in 1962, and says that the next morning, he woke up with a blind spot in his right eye. Fifty-five years later…Lou says he STILL HAS THAT BLIND SPOT. Doctors say that the ONLY places in which it is SAFE to look at the eclipse with the naked eye is in the area of totality…where the sun is COMPLETELY blocked by the moon. That is NOT happening here.

We all know that the eclipse is FASCINATING to humans…but to PETS, it can simply freak them out. Animal experts say that DARKNESS signals certain ROUTINES for pets…like going to bed or finding shelter. So vets say that you should keep your pets INDOORS during the solar eclipse…and leave some artificial light on for them to minimize the confusion. And if you have a BIRD…cover its cage with a blanket…because birds are ESPECIALLY sensitive to light cues. And if you INSIST on bringing your dog out during the eclipse…you actually have to make him or her wear the special glasses…just like you.

If you are on the road during the eclipse…experts from the Triple-A Motor Club say that if you want to WATCH the eclipse, don’t do it while you’re on the move…pull over, and make sure you have your safety glasses ON. And you CANNOT wear those things while you’re driving. They add that it’s going to get a lot DARKER than you might expect…so you need to put your headlights ON. Also…be VERY aware of OTHER drivers who might be in full-on distraction mode during the eclipse…looking at the sun, trying to take video of it, and who-knows-what-else. So don’t be one of those people…but be aware of those who MIGHT.

IF you’re somehow working or in a meeting or taking a nap or hiding in your basement during this afternoon’s solar eclipse…don’t worry, you’ll have ANOTHER chance to see one on April 8, 2024…and CARBONDALE will ONCE AGAIN be in the path of totality on that day, just like it will be today. But THAT eclipse will stretch from Texas through the Northeast of the United States…as opposed to today’s event…which will be visible in a LARGER stretch of the country, from coast to coast.

While you CANNOT look directly into the sun without the help of some specially-made glasses, your IPHONE CAMERA apparently can. The people at Apple say that you can point your phone camera RIGHT AT THE SUN and take pictures and the camera’s sensor and lens would NOT be damaged…because of the wide-angle nature of those shots…and that goes for the solar eclipse, or any old time. HOWEVER…you still shouldn’t LOOK at the screen while you’re TAKING that picture…because the sun can STILL fry your eyes. So you have to wear eclipse safety glasses WHILE YOU LOOK AT YOUR PHONE SCREEN…looking at the sun. IF you have a LARGER camera or a large zoom, you MAY run a risk of damaging your camera.

An eclipse is not really that rare…in fact, there’s an eclipse for at least a SLIVER of the planet every one-to-three years. Normally, though, they happen where not a lot of people can see them. TODAY’s eclipse will be the first COAST-TO-COAST total eclipse in the United States since 1918…and the first total eclipse on the U.S. mainland since 1979. But in THAT one, 38 years ago, only five states in the Northwest experienced TOTAL darkness…THIS time, fourteen states, including Illinois, will get that experience…while ALL of North America will get at least partial coverage. We WILL get another total eclipse in 2024…so only seven years from now. But the next COAST-TO-COAST total eclipse won’t happen till 2045.

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