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Eric & Kathy’s Kids Broadcasting LIVE from Lurie Children’s Hospital!

Hard work and a positive spirit has given countless families hope through Lurie Children’s Hospital, so we summoned that same mindset to lend a hand to kids in need.

If you were unable to be a part of Eric & Kathy’s Kids for Lurie Children’s Hospital this week, you can still contribute!

Visit to donate or simply text “EK4Kids” to 60123.

Bruno Mars Every Hour

Tomorrow morning, Eric & Kathy will give away tickets every hour to see Bruno Mars in a SOLD OUT MIX SUMMER CONCERT on Saturday at the United Center.

Eric & Kathy Kid: Joshua

During our power hour from 4:20 – 5:20pm today, over 100 heroes committed to donations of $20-per-month. In response, Cambria Chicago Magnificent Mile contributed $10,000 to Lurie Children’s Hospital!

Let’s keep the momentum going.

Eric & Kathy’s Kid: Miles

Eric & Kathy’s Kids: Grace

Meet Eric & Kathy’s Kid, Grace. She has a remarkable story and is an inspiration to us all. Watch her video here.


Between 7:20am and 8:20am this morning, we had over 100 heroes sign up to donate $20-a-month to Lurie Children’s Hospital. In response to this exceptional support, Home Warranty of America donated $10,000.

Please consider making a donation to Lurie Children’s Hospital and Eric & Kathy’s Kids today.

2nd Annual Eric & Kathy Food Truck Festival

It was a parking lot party for the ages at Grand Victoria Casino! Thanks to everyone who attended, including the 29 amazing food trucks and fan favorite Red Woody for making us do the happy dance.

It was a parking lot party for the ages at Grand Victoria Casino! Thanks to everyone who attended, as well as the 29 amazing food trucks and band Red Woody that made us do the happy dance.

Melissa’s Is Basically Waldo

Eric & Kathy’s Kids for Lurie Children’s

Click here for more details on how you can make a difference.

Whip in the Lolla Media Lounge

Renovation Rewards

As we finally prepare for the renovation of our studios and offices, we’ve come to find that surprises are lurking around every corner. So, it’s time to give back.

Listen all week for chances to win random things we find.

WINNER: MIX Listener Justin
Giant, Signed Chris Kattan Head


WINNER: MIX Listener Amy
PRIZE: Gigantic cutout of ABC 7 Chief Meteorologist Jerry Taft

And here he is at his new home in Palatine! MIX Listener Amy is bringing him to the Deer Park Jazz Fest this Saturday if you’d like to shake his flat hand.


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